2Q0411315B2Q0 411 315 Bcoupling rod288,00 zł
N10261310N 102 613 10hexagon collar nut M1027,50 zł
N90908102N 909 081 02hexagon collar nut M10X1,5214,00 zł

2Q0411315B – coupling rod

2Q0411315B * 2 (coupling rods)

At the time I ordered them, the rods from the dealership cost 228 PLN each – at that price you can buy a set of replacements that work the same way, so I chose rods from Lemforder (25463 02).

I had originally planned to order shorter stabiliser bars, but then after talking to a couple of people who have roughly similar ground clearance to mine, we decided that I didn’t have as much lowering for there to be a need for shorter bars, so the factory ones should be fine.

The feedback from the internet has been positive, so hopefully they will perform as expected for a few years:

Hexagon collar nut M10x1.5 N90908102

Tightening torque: 40 Nm

Hexagon collar nut M10 N10261310

Stabilizer link nut, self-locking.

Tightening torque: 40 Nm